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Just because you have a warranty on your roof, but that doesn’t mean you can skip routine maintenance. Roof maintenance is critical, especially on a commercial roof, due to the nature of most large structures these roof systems are more prone to causing interior damage when problems occur. Commercial roofs are commonly low-slope, also simply known as flat roofs. Since they are so flat, commercial roofs are usually covered in a membrane material that helps shed water via gutters or a rainwater drainage system that will direct water to the ground and prevent it from ponding or standing on the roof. If left unmaintained for too long, debris can accumulate on the surface and prevent proper drainage. Over time, this can result in more costly repairs to your building in the future. 

If water is left to collect and pool on your roof, it will be forced to drain from the nearest hole or crack. This could very well allow water to seep into your ceiling,  walls or foundation. In the colder months, this is particularly risky because if ponding water freezes, it will expand and can break up the roof’s surface, creating cracks for melted water to penetrate. Unfortunately, once this happens, you can’t turn back time, and it must be repaired. 

Have a Roofing Maintenance Plan

Having a plan for the maintenance of your commercial roof, and sticking to it, will extend the life of your roof by years! Write the plan out and inform everyone involved in the process, so it doesn’t become a forgotten task.  With a proper maintenance plan, you can catch areas in need of repair sooner rather than later and prevent the damage from becoming more significant and costly. Scheduling regular roofing inspections is a crucial step in ensuring the maintenance gets completed. Once you have the results of the inspection, be sure to schedule the necessary repairs in a timely manner.

How Often Should I Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Schedule a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is recommended a minimum of two times per year. This should allow you enough time to prevent any minor damage from becoming a major problem. However, it is important to use your best judgment when it comes to your building in particular as well as the guidelines of your roof’s warranty. The area where your building is located can have varying effects on your roof, especially if the building sees harsher weather, large amounts of rainfall, drastic temperature changes, or is near an industrial area where there may be more air pollution. We also recommend scheduling an additional inspection after any severe weather with high winds or hail, as this can cause unexpected damages and leave large debris that can prevent proper water drainage. Other events that may warrant an additional inspection could include a fire, construction on or above the roof, vandalism, or installation of new equipment on the roof. 

Get a Professional-Quality Roof Inspection

Quality Roof Inspections

While it may seem fine to attempt a roof inspection yourself, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. We do not encourage you to do-it-yourself for a variety of reasons. If you do not regularly get on top of a roof, this could become dangerous, and the risk of falling or getting injured is too high. A professional will use all necessary safety precautions and can spot more subtle issues more accurately than someone with an untrained eye and will know what recommendations to make for repairs.

Maintenance services include

  • Inspection and cleaning of the drainage system.
  • Inspection and repair to flashings.
  • Inspection and repair to the field of the roof.
  • Removal of debris that may restrict proper drainage.
  • Visual inspection for ponding water or surface contamination.
  • Written report with findings and recommendations for necessary repairs.
Commercial Roof Maintenance Denver CO

Schedule Your Commercial Roofing Maintenance Inspection Today!

Schedule Your Inspection Today!

Don’t put off roof maintenance any longer! Extend the life of your roof and keep your commercial building in top shape, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Contact our team of experts at Bear Brother Roofing by calling 303-422-2725 or click below to request an inspection.

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