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Construction and clean up are the main parts of the job with all roofing jobs, and this is where hiring the right professional can make a huge difference! Some roofing companies are not entirely on top of the cleanup process as they complete their jobs. This is especially common with out of state roofing companies trying to complete as many jobs as fast as possible with their crews.

Construction Tips

Roofing construction involves a lot of different components but nearly all steep slope roofs consist of the same 5 basic aspects: The roof covering is the most obvious aspect of the roof. This consists of roofing shingles, roofing tiles, metal, as well as the underlayment beneath these types of roofing surfaces. The next component is sheathing, which consists of boards or sheet material that is connected to the roof rafters. The roof structure is the trusses or rafters that support the roof sheathing. Flashing is used to seal joints throughout the roof and prevent water seepage into the home. Finally, drainage systems consist of the actual shape, slope, and layout of the roof as well as gutter componentry that helps shed water from the roof during rainfall.

Choose the Right Material

Choosing the right material for your roof is crucial. There are many different options and just recreating your old roof is not always the best or right option for your home and your needs.

Ventilation is Key

Ventilation and insulation is crucial to affecting your energy consumption when replacing your roof. This is often a great opportunity to make your home or office more energy efficient.

Be prepared for conditions

Certain roof materials are not best suited for all environments. For example, Tile Roof systems are great at shedding a lot of water but are not great for climates that get frequent rainfall.
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Clean Up Stages



From the start of the job, we are focused on cleaning up the roofing mess as we go. We provide an on-site dumpster for all demolition and provide all necessary safety precautions as we tear off and remove the old roofing materials. This helps to avoid loose nails or stray trash on the job site which can prevent popped tires and injured kids in the yard at a later date.


When it comes time to install the new roofing materials, we continue to take trash directly to the dumpster instead of scattering it around the job site as we progress through the roofing construction process. Keeping a clean job site keeps it easier for us to install your roofing products correctly and reduces our work load upon completion of the construction project.


When the construction portion is finished, we complete a final cleaning pass and remove all nails or scrap materials that may have missed the dumpster or blown around due to weather during the project. Keeping your home or office clean after your new roof is installed is the last step to doing our job right!


Bear Brothers Roofing provides roofing construction services with complete cleanup to leave your space looking nice when the roof is done! Call us at 303-422-2725 or fill out our online form to request a quote.

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7245 Gilpin Way #280
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Business Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
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